OOSP: Online Ontology Set Picker


Online Ontology Set Picker (OOSP) allows to select, from major repositories, ontologies that satisfy a user-defined sets of metrics. Its main purpose is allowing ontological tool designers to rapidly build custom benchmarks on which they could test different features. It could also serve for usage studies of different ontology language constructs and for pattern spotting. The web front-end allows to specify a broad range of metrics and delivers benchmarks along with their statistics of metrics, including a graph view.


Latest news:


Zamazal O., Svátek V.: OOSP: Ontological Benchmarks Made on the Fly. In: 1st International Workshop on Summarizing and Presenting Entities and Ontologies at ESWC 2015. Portoroz, Slovenia. 2015.

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OOSP Architecture:

Ontology Repositories:

Currently, it offers two well-curated repositories: BioPortal and Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV). Further, in 2016 we included OntoFarm and NanJing Vocabulary Repository. We processed them using OWLAPI, thus we only include ontologies parseable by OWLAPI. Further, we could not process those ontologies which were not publicly available, were not available (or one of its imported ontologies) from its hosting server. As a results, we have the following snapshots:

In future, we want to take snapshots regularly for these repositories. We are also considering to include other well-curated ontology repositories.

By computing BioPortal and LOV overlap, we disclose 5 shared ontologies: biotop, biopax-level3.owl, qudt, tmo and sio.

Computation of overlap between other pairs of ontologies to be appeared soon.

We also stored imports closures for all ontologies in order to make further analysis of ontologies self-supporting.

Ontology Metrics:

We include various ontology metrics from the following 7 categories:

We plan to plug in further ontology metrics to support ontology set selection process.

If you have any suggestion/recommendation/question, please contact us at ondrej dot zamazal at vse dot cz.