OntoFarm Project


This small-sized project of SWOE aims at developing a collection of richly axiomatised 'parallel' ontologies in OWL and carrying out various experiments on them. All ontologies model the same domain, that of conference organisation, based on different conferences and, especially, conference support tools. Most ontologies contain some modelling errors, and reflect different conceptualisations of the same domain, this way simulating 'real-world heterogeneity' of semantic web ontologies.

News: If you use the conference (OntoFarm) ontologies in your work, please cite new paper about OntoFarm [4]: Zamazal, O., Svátek, V. (2017). The Ten-Year OntoFarm and its Fertilization within the Onto-Sphere. Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web, 43, 46-53.

All ontologies can currently be downloaded from this site in two variants see below in section Ontologies.

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The project achieved the following results:


The project has been (or is being) partially supported by several research projects:


The OntoFarm ontologies are currently available in two variants. Variant 1 contains original ontologies which are used within OAEI (the latest edition, OAEI 2016), ontofarm.zip. Variant 2 contains repaired ontologies so as to enable reasoning, ontofarm-2.zip.

The collection of ontologies contains 16 ontologies; the last one (linklings.owl) is in the OWL 2 profile. Each of them is shortly described in the following table. Ontologies have been based upon three types of underlying resources:

Name is derived from name of conference or conference organisation tool. For downloading this ontology, just click on its name or you can download all ontologies at once see above.
DL expressivity was obtained by Pellet reasoner.

Variant 1
Variant 2TypeNumber of ClassesNumber of Datatype Properties Number of Object PropertiesDL expressivityRelated link

Repairs in variant 2

Reference alignments with DBpedia

For building of reference alignments we merely focused on entities of DBpedia ontology (dbo), http://downloads.dbpedia.org/2016-10/dbpedia_2016-10.owl, from DBpedia namespace, i.e. http://dbpedia.org/ontology/ and three selected ontologies from OntoFarm: confof, ekaw, sigkdd. The process of constructing reference alignments was supported by basic ontology matching techniques available from the Alignment API framework, http://alignapi.gforge.inria.fr/, such as EditDistNameAlignment, StringDistAlignment, SMOANameAlignment, NameAndPropertyAlignment and StrucSubsDistAlignment. Further, thorough manual matching was applied. Based on these input tentative reference alignments were concluded (Construction of reference alignment was done by one evaluator and eventually one referee confirmed the results after a discussion.). Finally, the reference alignments were reconciled with the ra1 reference alignment (available for the conference track of OAEI) targeted at alignments between OntoFarm domain ontologies.

More information available in submitted poster paper, Towards Matching of Domain Ontologies to Cross-Domain Ontology: Evaluation Perspective, to OM-2020.

Available reference alignments



Due to some technical issues with the DBpedia ontology we only evaluated following ontology matching tools participated in OAEI 2019 against equivalence parts of reference alignments: AML, DOME, LogMap and LogMapLt.


According to the results in Table below AML, DOME and LogMap have very simlar results in terms of F1 measure. While LogMap is better in precision, AML and DOME are better in recall. The system based only on string techniques, LogMapLt, is the last one.

System P F1-measure R
AML 0.30 0.42 0.67
DOME 0.32 0.42 0.60
LogMap 0.37 0.41 0.47
LogMapLt 0.33 0.36 0.40

More information available in submitted poster paper, Towards Matching of Domain Ontologies to Cross-Domain Ontology: Evaluation Perspective, to OM-2020. The poster paper will be here after the review period.

Papers about the OntoFarm collection or its derivative


Categorization of papers according to what was cited: (#) means citing OntoFarm poster paper, (@) means citing some of OAEI synthesis papers


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Original poster paper about OntoFarm

Svab O., Svatek V., Berka P., Rak D., Tomasek P.: OntoFarm: Towards an Experimental Collection of Parallel Ontologies. In: Poster Track of ISWC 2005, Galway. Download

Papers describing research in which OntoFarm was used


Categorization of papers according to what was cited: (#) means citing OntoFarm poster paper, (@) means citing some of OAEI synthesis papers


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