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Tools | Import Transformation Wizard

General information

Import Transformation Wizard is plug-in for Eclipse. This plug-in enables you to adapt ontology accoring to transformation pattern in order to smoothly import chosen content ontology design pattern.

Installation and configuration instructions

  1. Download and install WordNet . Plugin only uses content of dict directory.
  2. Download Stanford POS tagger. Plugin only needs the stanford-postagger-2008-09-28.jar (i.e. library version from 2008-09-28) and the left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger model from models directory.
  3. You can install 'Import Transformation Wizard' from the update site:


  4. Finally, path to WordNet and path to language left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger model must be set up in Eclipse Window -> Preferences -> Import Transformation Configuration -> Paths preferences page.

Import Transformation Wizard will be available by righ-clicking on owl ontology in some Eclipse project.