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Tools | XD Transformation for NeOn toolkit 2.4

General information

This XD Transformation Wizard is plug-in for NeOn toolkit 2.4.1 eXtreme Design (XD) perspective. This plug-in enables you to adapt ontology according to transformation pattern in order to smoothly import chosen content ontology design pattern.


Installation and configuration instructions

  1. NeOn toolkit 2.4.1 should be installed from its official NeOn toolkit web-page.
  2. XD tools for NeOn Toolkit 2.4 should be installed from the official update site of XD Tools. Please see the instructions at XD web page.
  3. Download and install WordNet . Plugin only uses content of dict directory.
  4. Download Stanford POS tagger. Plugin only needs the stanford-postagger-2008-09-28.jar (i.e. library version from 2008-09-28) and the left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger model from models directory.
  5. You can install 'XD Transformation Wizard for NeOn toolkit 2.4.1' from the update site:


  6. Finally, path to WordNet and path to language left3words-wsj-0-18.tagger model must be set up in Eclipse Window -> Preferences -> XDTools -> Transformation Paths preferences page.

XD Transformation Wizard will be available by righ-clicking on Content Ontology Design Pattern from XD Registry view or on owl ontology in some Eclipse project.