Example for AgentRole CP

In order to demonstrate this use case, we will first assume that a prototype ontology has the notion of authorship modelled as the Author class being subclass of Person.

Figure 5: Authorship, 'class-oriented' approach
Image PersonAuthor

Second, we will assume that the designer wants to import role modelling best practice in the form of AgentRole CP, see at http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Submissions:AgentRole.

Figure 6: AgentRole CP
Image CP_agentRole

Basically, there are three dimensions along which transformation pattern can vary: source pattern, target pattern and the existence of additional axioms external to the source pattern that refer to entities from the pattern.

Regarding the source pattern, there are simply two basic role patterns: 'class-oriented' and 'property-oriented'. AgentRole CP is already part of this source pattern because import precedes transformation as such.

In the case of target pattern, we formalise the author role as class. This means we have to cope with 'defining classes as property values' problem, treated as logical problem in [1]. Here, we consider those 'modelling approaches' (logical patterns) expressible in OWL DL. Altogether there are four useable approaches (from approach 2 to approach 5). We will show and discuss their corresponding transformation patterns:

Transformation to Approach 2

TODO: discussion

Figure: Instantiated tp_agentRoleA2 transformation pattern
Image tp_agentRoleA2

This pattern is serialized in XML, see at: http://nb.vse.cz/~svabo/patomat/tp/new/tp_agentRoleV4a2.xml.

Transformation to Approach 3

TODO: discussion

Figure: Instantiated tp_agentRoleA3 transformation pattern
Image tp_agentRoleA3

This pattern is serialized in XML, see at: http://nb.vse.cz/~svabo/patomat/tp/new/tp_agentRoleV4a3.xml.

Transformation to Approach 4

TODO: discussion

Figure: Instantiated tp_agentRoleA4 transformation pattern
Image tp_agentRoleA4

This pattern is serialized in XML, see at: http://nb.vse.cz/~svabo/patomat/tp/new/tp_agentRoleV4a4.xml.

Transformation to Approach 5

TODO: discussion

Figure: Instantiated tp_agentRoleA5 transformation pattern
Image tp_agentRoleA5

This pattern is serialized in XML, see at: http://nb.vse.cz/~svabo/patomat/tp/new/tp_agentRoleV4a5.xml.

Final dimension is dealing with additional axioms. TODO, also for Znalosti 2011

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