Naming detection patterns

A definition of naming detection pattern (NDP) is as follows:

Definition 4   A naming detection pattern is a set of passive naming operations, NDP $=\{no_1,no_2,\ldots,no_n\}$. All $no_i$ have as operands entities from the ontology pattern to which NDP belongs, and constants.

As an example of NDP with two operations we can take the following:

{comparison(?B, head_term(?p)), exists(verb_form(?C))}

For instance, if ?B is `Decision', ?p is `hasDecision' (with `Decision' as head term) and ?C is `Acceptance' (with `accept' as verb form) then the pattern succeeds.

Naming patterns can be generally defined on any lexical aspect of an ontology: URI of entities, its fragment, labels, comments etc. By default we consider naming patterns applied over fragments of URIs.

ondrej 2013-05-10